About Project

This project is our attempt to help save the world through the spiritual wisdom of Native American elders and other indigenous spiritual teachers. We believe that because of their cultural purity and the lack of outside influence and agendas that their words come closest to a pure connection to the Creator. Though their words are typically not influenced by outside religious dogma, they match in content with other great spiritual leaders throughout history. It is our goal to document as many of these indigenous spiritual spokesmen because we believe their words have the power to heal man both physically and spiritually.

Presently, many people are blinded by the promise of political officials to solve their problems and place their wellbeing in their hands. But true spiritual wisdom knows different; true spiritual wisdom teaches that humanity elevates one person at a time with the help of their spiritual leaders. That’s the undisputed system. It is our goal to document and distribute as many of these spiritual voices as possible to as many people worldwide to aid in global healing.

It is our effort to unleash Native American words to the world through film and video. That is our total mission and we need your help to make this happen. If there is any lesson the coronavirus has taught us it is to reevaluate life and come to terms with what is really important.

Two Horses Laughing is the production and distribution company that will physically document and distribute these projects. Headed by Fidel Moreno, an award-winning documentarian and Sanford Horowitz, a Hollywood professional in film distribution, we will both produce in house and acquire outside productions. We believe that the world has an unending thirst for spiritual wisdom and that our focus on Native American and other indigenous spiritual voices will be greatly received because the content is pure. It has no borders.

We believe the time is now to help them spread their word. Located in Montana among many tribal communities, Two Horses Laughing will be center of tribal heartbeat. We will focus on hiring proven professions with a program to train Native interns to become film production professionals in all aspects. The stories are almost unending.

Presently, we have budgeted each documentary to be produced and ready for distribution at $75,000. We are well seasoned filmmakers and know how to make professional films with an eye for financial success because we know professional distribution is key.