This is a funding proposal for a production/distribution multimedia company with the unique goal of providing uplifting and spiritual messages delivered by indigenous elders. Our focus is to fill a long-awaited film company that will both produce in house and outside documentary films from the Native American communities as well as from other indigenous filmmakers world-wide. We believe their spiritual message through the ages are a valued source of wisdom our world desperately needs today. The indigenous community have been the target of horrendous abuse and hateful actions that aim to disrupt and destroy their culture and wisdom. As a result of this, their community has suffered untold horrors.

It is our goal to tell these stories and how their ancient wisdom is now being retaught by their elders. Disorders such as alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, and physical abuse are being literally healed by their words. These human ailments are not theirs alone and lie heavily within all world societies today in epidemic proportions. Their success needs to be shared with the world. There is no argument that this is desperately needed. We ask you for your financial support to make this happen. There is no cause more important than converting the darkness to light.

Your donations will fuel the moderate cost of the productions, 50-75 thousand dollars per documentary and because of our expert distribution experience, we will get it to the world. The indigenous elders’ words are clear and true because they come from their heart and soul. Please help unleash this spiritual medicine. Be a part of healing this planet. Politics will never do it, but God will.